Empowering Choice In Consumer Lending

Your Choice in Consumer Lending

Choice is different than other consumer lenders because we empower merchants and providers to approve up to 100% of customers or patients, while offering real time, friendly and affordable loans exactly when they are needed. Our comprehensive financing solution enables all of Choice’s clients to provide financing to nearly all consumers and patients – even those that would typically be turned away. The result? You minimize the potential of losing a customer or patient when financing is needed. You’re able to provide a customer or patient a Choice where others cannot.

From the enrollment process to saying yes to a customer or patient, Choice is easy. We provide a simple, fast, effective lending platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to match customers or patients to the right, budget-friendly loan product in real time, based on their unique credit profile. The omnichannel technology is accessible from your place of business or anywhere via a PC, tablet, or mobile device. Better yet, the platform integrates easily with all merchants, providers, and lenders. Our model mitigates excessive credit inquiries on behalf of the customer or patient and saves a ton of time and money – allowing you to get to “yes” faster with Choice.

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Our Process

The Choice Consumer Loan Process is made up of 4 simple steps so you can easily assist your customers or patients
in attaining the financing they need exactly when they need it


Our simple platform provides two paths
to your Choice in consumer lending:

Choice Marketplace Lending (CML)

Traditional Lending

Choice Marketplace Lending

  • Terms to 72 months
  • Omnichannel
  • Line assignments to $40,000
  • Real time credit decisioning
  • Promotional programs available
  • E-sign or wet signature documentation

ChoicePays+ (CP+)

Payment Loans + Interest Share


Up to 100% approval
No cost to merchant or provider
Friendly interest rates
Loans originated by Medallion Bank, Member FDIC
Stand alone or complementary to CML
Can be deployed as a captive financing program
Proprietary, patent-pending lending solution

Interested in a Captive Lending Program?

Make CHOICE Your choice

We make lending easy and help you capture your clients and patients, so they come back to you repeatedly