Empowering Choice In
Patient Lending

Approving Up To 100% Of Patients
With A Simple, Single Application
Via Our Intuitive Lending Platform

Empowering Choice In
Patient Lending

Approving Up To 100% Of Patients
With A Simple, Single Application
Via Our Intuitive Lending Platform

As a dental provider, we know you are in business to help your patients maintain and improve their oral health. No matter what type of dentistry you practice, we want to help you offer quick, easy, and affordable financing for your patients.

Choice is different than other patient finance companies because we empower our dental partners to approve up to 100% of their patients, while offering real time, affordable patient-friendly loans exactly when they are needed. Our comprehensive financing solution enables Choice’s provider partners to offer financing to nearly all patients even the ones that would typically be turned away. That means you minimize the potential of losing a patient when financing is needed.

With Choice, we take care of all your patient financing burdens. With best-in-class technology, and provider and patient support, the choice is simple with Choice.


Advantages of Choice


Up to 100% Approval,
In Real Time


Simple Application


Algorithm Match


Seamless Integrations
& Customizations


Customer Service


Increased Customer
& Brand Loyalty


Omnichannel Lending &
Proprietary Interest Share



Easy Setup & Implementation

From the enrollment process to saying “Yes, you’re approved!” to your patient, Choice is easy. We provide a simple, fast, effective lending solution that uses a proprietary algorithm to match patients to the right, budget-friendly loan product in real time, based on their unique credit profile. Choice’s technology is accessible from your practice or anywhere via a PC, tablet or mobile device. Better yet, the platform integrates easily with all providers. Our model mitigates excessive credit inquiries on behalf of the patient and saves your staff a ton of time. This allows you to do what you do best—treat patients and leave the financing to Choice.

How it Works for Your Patients


Help Your Patients Gain Financing for:

Dental and healthcare concept. Professional african american male dentist in blue medical suit examining teeth of young female patient



For financing options for general dental services, contact Choice.

Young man choosing color of teeth at dentist



For financing options for cosmetic dental services, contact Choice.

Closeup of orthodontist examining boy wearing braces with dental mirror



For financing options for orthodontic services, contact Choice.

direct view of young woman fixing clear aligner for orthodontic correction of bite

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

For financing options on Clear Aligners, contact Choice.

Make CHOICE Your choice

We make lending easy and help you capture your clients and patients, so they come back to you repeatedly