Choice Marketplace Lending (CML)

Choice Marketplace Lending (CML)

Our traditional lending option that is
anything but traditional

Not all lenders are created equal. Neither are the credit profiles of your customers or patients. Choice’s comprehensive lending solution provides more flexibility and stability. Our balance sheet partners are presented only with the loan applications that fit their credit scorecard, preferred verticals, and lending appetite.

Traditional lenders typically use a "waterfall lending" process to try an obtain a loan approval for customers and patients. While Choice participates in several waterfalls, we also offer an algorithm match.

The Difference Between Waterfall
& Choice Algorithm Match

Waterfall Lending

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A waterfall process happens in the background when a customer or patient’s application is sent to one lender after another with the intention of obtaining approval. While this may lead to a loan approval eventually, it can result in confusion due to credit declinations and adverse action letters sent to customers or patients.

While Choice participates in several waterfalls, we offer another Choice. 

Choice Algorithm Match

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What differentiates Choice is that you are in control of your financing Choices. Our proven method saves time and money by offering the right loan product in real time. This includes cost containment for our balance sheet partners as they only see the loan applications that fit their credit appetite. It eliminates letters from various creditors, multiple credit inquiries and embarrassing turn downs for credit. ChoicePays+ provides stability for all parties. Everyone wins.

Choice’s algorithm provides an excellent Choice for your customers and patients.

Make CHOICE Your choice

We make lending easy and help you capture your clients and patients, so they come back to you repeatedly